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Central Georgia

Central Georgia

Albany, Columbus and Macon

The Central Georgia Section was chartered as a new MBCA Section in November of 2010.  The Section, however; had an active group of Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts enjoying local central and south Georgia social, technical, and driving activities since 2008. Starting as a Mercedes-Benz Middle Georgia Monthly Dine-Out Group in July of 2008 the group continues to enjoying outstanding monthly dinner gatherings in many of middle Georgia’s independent restaurants.The Central Georgia Section boundaries are an east-west line of counties across the state just above Macon, GA and include south and southwest Georgia counties below that line, including the major cities of Macon, Columbus and Albany, Georgia and all their surrounding counties.This allocation makes our interface with members, our three dealers, and many independent service organizations a true working partnership that enables us to continue to grow our MBCA membership, and provide the fun of interfacing with other local Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts.The Central Georgia Section is dedicated to enhancing your MBCA experience. We routinely plan social, technical, and driving events throughout the central and southern parts of the state. We are scheduling and planning events in all areas of middle and south Georgia and we welcome your suggestions and advice in locating, planning, and executing those events.Our intention is to support your membership needs and increase your MBCA membership value, while continuing to expand our membership. We want to take every opportunity to show that there is an active group of Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts available to enhance our member’s ownership of their Mercedes-Benz vehicles. To that end, those serving on the Board of Directors are always available to discuss your needs, your vision of the Central Georgia Section, and your expectations of what this Section will deliver. Please contact one of our section leaders in the box below for additional information.Our Newsletter is published every two months. It is distributed electronically in color via e-mail distribution. The Newsletter addresses current and planned events within the Section, joint events planned within the Region, and inter-Region coordinated events.Our local Website is, please visit it to review past Newsletters, Upcoming Events, and contact information for our officers.Please don’t hesitate to contact any of our officers with any questions or suggestions. This is YOUR CLUB, and YOUR SECTION, and we need your feedback to assure your benefiting from your membership.

Section Leadership

Section President: 
Dr. Linda Smyth
Section Vice President: 
Thomas Couch
Section Secretary: 
Gloria Koch
Section Treasurer: 
Trish Welch