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Smoky Mountain Section, chartered in the spring of 1980, was organized by George Murphy (currently national technical director) and serves the eastern third of Tennessee.  Our territory is predominately rural but also encompasses Chattanooga, Knoxville, and the Tri-cities.

The Smoky Mountain Section usually sponsors 4 major events annually and has informal Tire-Kicker luncheons on the 3rd Saturday of months when there is no event scheduled.  The location of the Tire-Kickers varies and is announced via e-mail the Wednesday preceding the meeting.  Member feedback has steered our events toward a social and technical focus.  Driving events are usually sight seeing rally’s combined with a picnic or dinner afterward.  A few members interested in performance driving participate in those endeavors through the SCCA.

 Our modest treasury is spent on the membership, our board is self-supporting and newsletter costs are minimized using electronic distribution and brevity in order to maximize the funds available for scheduled events.